Obvious Advantages

As the transducers are clamped on to the outside of the pipe, the measurement system is not exposed to any wear, tear or abrasion from the medium flowing inside the pipe and thus very reliable and durable. Installation requirements are non existing  - no cutting or welding has to be done to the pipe, costly process shut-downs are completely avoided.

Moreover, the measurement system does not cause any pressure losses, which in the end avoids unnecessary energy costs involved to the customer.

Measuring at very low but als high pressures, thick pipe walls and exotic materials as well as badly maufactured pipes is not a challenge at all for FLEXIM's flow meters. 

FLEXIM's range of non-invasive flow meters ensure:

100% plant availability

  • Simple attachment of the rugged mounting fixture to the outside of the pipe
  • Installation is possible during ongoing operation without process downtime
  • The measurement system is certified for use in any type of hazardous  area environment ments as well as SIS loops (fulfilling Functional Safety requirements)

100% resistant to media

  • No contact with the flowing media, therefore no wear and tear on the measurement system
  • No need to use expensive special materials as for wetted measurement systems
  • Long-term stable and maintenance-free operation

100% leak-proof and secure

  • No additional risk of pipe leakage caused by the measuring equipment
  • No blockage of small bores or impulse piping
  • No influence of pulsations, vibrations, speed peaks, swirling or cross flows

100% pressure-resistant and robust

  • No pressure limit (from atmosjreric pressure wih no upper limitation)
  • No extra charge for high pressure ranges
  • Zero point and measurement reading are not affected by static pressure changes
  • Unaffected by pressure peaks / surges or solid content in the flow

100% economical and cost effective

  • No pressure loss, thus low operating costs
  • No scalings costs - one measurement system from 14 inch pipe to 20 foot penstocks
  • Cost-effective installation - no pipe works and no process shut-down required
  • Installation without welding or other mechanical work on the pipe and indeoent of the pipe dimensions, material and quality
  • Measurement indeoendt of the medium flowing inside the pipe
  • No extra charge for large nominal widths

100% progressive

  • Precise, hysteresis-free, bi-directional flow measurement with high measurement dynamics
  • Long-term stable, drift-free measurement results
  • Measuremnt at extreme pipe temperatue
  • High measuring rate
  • Short response time
  • Measurement of even minute flows
  • Not sensitive to pulsations, vibrations, velocity peaks, swirling flows or cross-flow conditions