FLEXIM’s Fluxus Cryo receives recognition in the 2017 Innovation Awards


The Flow Control Innovation Awards honor commitment to excellence within the fluid handling industry.

This year FLEXIM is proud to announce that we received recognition for the innovation behind our FLUXUS Cryo.  FLEXIM’s FLUXUS Cryo allows for the non-invasive flow measurement of cryogenic fluids and can withstand extreme temperatures down to -190 °C.

Please read all about this great accomplishment below, in the October issue of Flow Control or at this link:


Honorable Mention / Case Study: Non-invasive flow measurement of LNG

A major liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal located in the Northeast U.S. has a storage capacity of 14.6 billion cubic feet (BCF) and a daily send-out capacity of 1.8 BCF.

The terminal is increasing the facility’s capacity to liquefy natural gas, which is done by cooling the gas until it becomes a liquid. The LNG is then loaded onto ships docked at the existing pier.

Traditional technologies for metering LNG have issues and challenges with the cryogenic application. This facility needed a cost-effective and accurate flowmeter that could measure LNG at a temperature of -160 °C. It needed a meter that could be easily installed on existing pipes without having to stop processes.

The conventionally used Venturi meters were often down or erratic because of pressure impact lines to the differential pressure transmitter freezing. Therefore, the facility needed a flowmeter that would require little to no maintenance, which would help save money and time as well as gather more accurate readings.

The solution for this LNG measurement application was the FLUXUS Cryo. By use of plates that separate the extremely cold pipe from the ultrasonic transducers and applying an additional insulation as well as a heating unit, ice buildup can be prevented and accurate and reliable measurements are ensured. FLEXIM is the only manufacturer of extreme temperature, non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter technology worldwide.

The LNG terminal received many benefits from using the FLUXUS Cryo, including: extreme temperatures not affecting the external sensors, no pressure taps and freeze potentials, no pipe taps or spools, easy installation on existing piping, and properly insulated external sensors to provide maintenance-free operation. In addition, the transmitter consistently provides accurate and reliable readings, while also being maintenance-free, which saves the customer money and time.


FLEXIM’s FLUXUS Cryo provides a solution for all cases where reliable and trouble-free cryogenic flow measurement is required, such as LNG applications at carrier off-loading and ship-to-ship loading, flow measurement on floating storage regasification units as well as at peak shaving plants. Other cryogenic applications include flow measurement of media such as liquid ethane, liquid air, liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen.

Independent of the pipe size – from 3-inch lines in peak shaving plants to 36-inch pipes for tanker off-loading to storage tanks – the system’s measuring accuracy and reliability meets all monitoring, control and safety instrumented system purposes.

Since the meter is mounted externally to the pipe, no moving or vibrating parts are present that could lead to increased maintenance efforts, no impulse lines are susceptible to freezing/blocking and no internal components exist that could cause pressure drops. Besides its high accuracy and reliability, FLUXUS Cryo features high operational safety: Because of the meter’s external mount, no gaskets or potential leakage points exist and no risk for flashing is present.

Moreover, the system is cost-effective. For installation, no pipework modification is needed and the system can be installed even with limited space conditions (e.g., floating LNG loading arms) with minimal effort and without the need for any lifting gear. Capital expenditure is further reduced because FLUXUS Cryo is flexible in regard to applicable pipe sizes, does not create inefficient pressure-losses and is virtually maintenance-free.

FLUXUS Cryo is based on FLEXIM’s patented WaveInjector technology for extreme temperatures, which is in use at thousands of measurement points at major oil and gas producers.

FLEXIM’s Fluxus Cryo receives recognition in the 2017 Innovation Awards