GST 6108(M) - Hydraulics Leackage Meter

GST 6108(M) - Hydraulics Leackage Meter

The Ultrasonic Leakage Meter GST 6108(M) is approved and requested mandatory for usage on the following Airbus families: Airbus A320 & A320neo, A330 & 340,Β  A350 and A380 (GST 6108, part number: P/N 610007AB) and can also be employed for the Airbus A400M (GST 6018M, part number: P/N 610007MB).
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Important information for users of the GST 6108 purchased prior to 1st of December 2010

From 1st of December 2010 onwards, the Ultrasonic Leakage Meter GST 6108 (P/N 610007AB) can, in addition to its usage for the A320 family, also be employed, according to AMM Chapter 29, for the A330 and A340 family.

Hardware and Software/Firmware are certified and approved by Airbus per Certificate of Acceptance (No.: D29032, D29062).

According to the Operation Information Telex (OIT) SE 999.0074/10 dated 4th of August 2010, the Ground Support Tool P/N 610007AB is requested mandatory for all airplanes of the A330/A340 family post mod 58345 (from MSN 1049 onwards) as well as all A350 and A380 family models.

To conduct the AMM Task, the Ground Support Tool is required as Hardware (P/N 610007AB) in combination with the corresponding Firmware for the specific aircraft model (A320 family: P/N 61007010-01, A330/A340 family: P/N 61007030-01, A350 family: P/ 61007040-01, A380: P/N 61007050-00).

Therefore, for purchasing the Tool, one has to keep in mind the desired usage for the specific aircraft model. In cases were the Hardware shall be used for the A320 and A330/A340 aircraft families, both Firmware versions can be used simultaneously on the same device.

Thus, if you already own a GST 6108 (P/N 610007AB) with the Firmware for the A320 family (P/N 61007010-01), you can upgrade the Hardware with the Firmware for the A330/A340 family (P/N 61007030-01), the A350 family (P/N 61007040-01) and A380 (P/N 61007050-00).

For doing so, please contact us by the contact form and send the Hardware to our companies headquarter in Berlin.


Technical Specification GST 6108

PDF | 1.4MB

Technical Specification GST 6108M

PDF | 1.4MB

Ground Instruction Manual GST 6108

PDF | 1.4MB

Ground Instruction Manual GST 6108M

PDF | 1.4MB