Non-invasive media detection during tank filling

Non-invasive media detection during tank filling

During the production of textiles, chlorine is needed for a special treatment of yarn. It is released from a sodium hypochlorite solution when treated with acid. In order to avoid fatal confusion when the chemicals are delivered, which could lead to a chlorine gas accident, the filling pipes for sodium hypochlorite are usually equipped with lefthand threaded connectors. However, further active safety equipment is crucial as well as recommended to avoid any potential missfilling.

The ideal solution is PIOX ID: The system measures the sonic velocity of the medium flowing in the pipe non-invasively. The sonic velocity is a characteristic material property which also depends on concentration and temperature.

The active safety equipment - PIOX ID - is set-up, so that the filling valve only opens when the sonic velocity measurement, which is recorded by means of acoustic media detection, is in the setpoint value range. ASince the clamp-on transducers of FLEXIM‘s ultrasonic measuring system are simply mounted on the outside of the filling pipe, they are not subjected to wear and tear by the medium flowing in the pipe and operate practically maintenance-free.


  • Accurate and reliable, non-invasive media detection with clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the pipe
  • Effective increase in plant and operating safety
  • Entirely process-friendly measuring method, significant measuring effect
  • Practically maintenance-free measurement, no wear and tear caused by mechanical stress or chemical corrosion

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