Non-invasive media detection of HClO

Non-invasive media detection of HClO

Electroplating operations often require sodium hypochlorite for wastewater treatment. Operational safety and sustainable environmental protection are a top priority at NaOH filling stations. Thus, the employed measuring technology should work as an active safety device. Conventional temperature and pH measurements are not suited to such a process. The electrodes for pH-measurement are subject to extraordinary wear and tear by the medium and require a huge amount of maintenance. The temperature measurement does not achieve an adequate measuring effect that could ensure reliable detection of potentially fatal mix-ups.

The ideal solution is provided by PIOX ID: With its non-invasive measurement of the sonic velocity using clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the filling pipe, the measuring system is free or wear and tear, always provide highly accurate and reliable information and is virtually maintenance-free. The measuring transmitter is pre-configured so that it only releases the filling pipe when the measured sonic velocity is within the target range of the NaOH solution (1790 to 1890 m/s). In comparison, the sonic velocity of acids is much lower so that any dangerous confusion can be detected immediately.


  • Accurate and reliable non-invasive media detection using clamp-on ultrasonic transducers which are mounted on the outside of the pipe
  • Effective increase in plant and operational safety
  • Comprehensive process-suited measuring procedure with a significant measuring effect
  • Practically maintenance-free measurement, no wear and tear due to mechanical stress or chemical corrosion

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