Flow Measurement at an Ice Conversion Chiller Facility

Flow Measurement at an Ice Conversion Chiller Facility

The Nova Southeastern University in Florida, home to 28.000 students, boasts the fourth largest ice conversion chiller facility in the US. Ice conversion saves power, as ice is built up at night when power costs less and then “melts” during the day to cool the water flows.

A superior flow monitoring capability to run these chillers at peak efficiency is a must. Previously used Differential Pressure flow meters could not meet these requirements in terms of accuracy - especially at low flows - thus giving away free energy. Together with a Green Star certified contractor, the HVAC managers at Nova identified FLEXIM’s flow meters as the ideal solution for the task.

Not only can the FLUXUS meters be retrofitted to existing pipe works, they also feature an accuracy within 1% of the flow rate.
Moreover, due to their high turndown range and fast response to changing flow rates, the non-invasive meters are used for controlling the frequency driven pumps, saving energy and considerable
wear and tear on the pumps.


  • High accuracy on low and high flow rates
  • Easy retrofitting on existing pipes without any pipe work
  • High turndown and quick response rate for total flow control

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