Flow and Thermal Energy Measurement at a CHP

Flow and Thermal Energy Measurement at a CHP

In a combined heat and power plant (CHP), electricity and district heating are produced simultanously. Flow and thermal energy measurements are essential for an efficient and safe operation of CHPs. The need for further process measurement technology grows out of both the economic and ecological demand for the most efficient use of the used primary energy sources. In order to be able to conduct these processes optimally, they must be mapped comprehensively in the process control system.

Non-invasive ultrasonic flow and themal energy measurement with FLUXUS proves to be a convincingly simple, accurate and reliable solution for such measuring tasks. Setting up the measuring points involves minimal installation costs and absolutely no plant shutdowns. Clamp-on ultrasonic transducers as well as temperature sensors are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe during ongoing operation.

Not only proves the bidirectionality of the ultrasonic flow measurement to be a further advantage, but especially its ability to cope with high temperatures. FLUXUS allows for pipe wall temperatures up to +200 °C with the transducers directly clamped-on the pipe wall. By using the patented WaveInjector mounting fixtures, which separate the transducer from the pipe wall, even temperatures up to +600 °C are possible.


  • Reliable, non-invasive flow measurement independent of the conductivity of the medium (demineralised water)
  • Retrofitting without any interruption to supply; Minimum installation effort, no mechanical engineering works
  • Equally high measuring accuracy and exceptional measuring dynamics in both flow directions (bidirectional)
  • Non-invasive measurement without wear and tear and without any pressure loss
  • Significant cost advantage over other measuring technologies when it comes to purchasing and especially during installation

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