Flow Velocity and Volume Flow Measurement on a District Heating Pipeline

Flow Velocity and Volume Flow Measurement on a District Heating Pipeline

No different to a drinking water network, district heating networks are also fitted with section gate valves, so that the damaged lines can be shut off quickly and safely in the event of an accident. The valve intiated blockage occurs in such a way that no pressure surges are triggered which could damage the plant. This is done by temporarly opening bypass valves while the main valve is closing - caring for relief flows.
An accurate and reliable measurement of the flow velocity at the closing valve is critical as certain thresholds must not be exceed during the closing procedure.

Non-invasive flow measurement with FLUXUS proved to be the ideal solution for this measuring task: The clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are fitted during ongoing operation, which means no interruption to supply and absolutely no civil engineering work.

In order to set up the measuring point, the service engineer simply needs access to the shaft structure where the gate valves are located. Due to the unparalleled ease of installation and independently proven accuracy, more and more main pipelines in district heating networks are being fitted with FLUXUS. Ultrasonic flowmeters have a twofold function: in the – rare – case of a gate valve operating mechanism, they ensure the flow velocity safety limits are adhered to. During normal operation without any gate valve operating mechanism, they work as flowmeters for network balance.


  • Efficient network monitoring, optimised network transparency
  • Retrofitting without any disruption to supply
  • Minimum installation work
  • Non-invasive measurement without any wear and tear or pressure loss
  • Huge cost advantage over electromagnetic flowmeter (diameter DN600)
  • Proven high measuring accuracy despite limited straight or unobstructed upstream and downstream pipe sections
  • Increase in operating safety due to reliable flow monitoring
  • Permanently maintenance-free through the use of permanent coupling pads

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