Non-invasive Flow Measurements in a District Heating Network

Non-invasive Flow Measurements in a District Heating Network

Berlin's oldest combined heat and power (CHP) plant is supplying consumers in the north of the German capital with electricity since it was connected to the grid in 1900 and with heat since 1943.
Today's operator is continuously expanding the district heating network and increasing its efficiency. In 2012, the company reinforced the network with an extra heating pipeline into the northern district, which currently supplies around 5,500 additional households with district heating from the CHP plant.

Along with this network upgrade, the CHP engineers fitted the network with several flow measuring points to obtain real time flow measurement values for an improved pipeline balancing and pump control.

FLEXIM's non-invasive FLUXUS clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters proved to be the ideal solution for this request, both technically and economically:
Given the huge nominal pipe sizes, clamp-on systems are considerably cheaper than wetted measuring devices – initially from a cost perspective but even more so during installation. Since there is no need to open pipelines, a secure supply is guaranteed at all times. The ultrasonic transducers are not subject to any wear and tear by the medium flowing within the pipe and are working completely bidirectional according to their principle of measurement.

As a result of the installed flow meters, the upgraded district heating power network considerably increased its efficiency, which can be measured and evaluated quantitatively at any time using the measuring points fitted with the FLUXUS flow meter.


  • Optimal pump control due to reliable non-invasive flow measurement
  • Huge cost advantage over magnetic inductive flowmeters at larger nominal pipe sizes
  • Minimum installation work - Practically wear-free measurement
  • Supply is not compromised during installation or any subsequent maintenance or modifications to the measuring equipment
  • Equally high measuring accuracy and extreme dynamics in both flow directions (bidirectional)

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