Compressed Air and Thermal Energy Measurement in an Industrial Environment

Compressed Air and Thermal Energy Measurement in an Industrial Environment

Compressed air is an indispensable medium in many industrial areas; however it is also an extremely inefficient form of energy: only about 5% of the electrical energy needed to produce it can be used and the rest is usually lost as waste heat.

A manufacturer of aircraft turbines has turned these circumstances to their own advantage. The basic load of compressed air demand is covered by a speed-controlled and water-cooled compressor. Its waste heat is no longer released into the environment via an evaporator but rather used to heat a new 7500 m² logistics building.

Energy efficiency is both a cornerstone of environmental management and an imperative for commercial and entrepreneurial activity. Reliable data form the basis for these activities. The companies facility engineers have chosen FLEXIM's non-invasive measurement technology to monitor the thermal energy generated by the air compressor. As a result, the thermal energy conversion efficiency, i.e. the ratio of released thermal energy to consumed electrical energy, can be determined at any time. Moreover, via a second measurement channel, FLUXUS also measures the heat quantity fed to the administration building.

The refrigerating systems were fitted with FLUXUS in the same manner. The first measurement channel detects the total cooling quantity generated and the second detects the cooling capacity applied for the office's air conditioning system. The advantages are clear: Non-invasive energy measurements create consumption transparency, thereby tapping into the potential for further energy improvements.

As part of a service measurement, the compressed air stream was also measured. The compressed air streams are also needed for starting an engine on the test bench. The portable FLUXUS G601 CA Energy all-round device was used for this purpose with great success and the company is considering to equip several lines with permanent non-invasive compressed air flow meters from FLEXIM.


  • Reliable recording of relevant measuring data for a complete energy management
  • Reliable data for efficiency in energy production and transparency of individual consumption
  • Non-invasive measurement from the outside of the pipeline – no wear and tear, plant availability is not compromised
  • Perfect integration into the electronic energy management system via the FLUXUS frequency output

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