Flow and Thermal Energy Measurements in the Beer Brewing Process

Flow and Thermal Energy Measurements in the Beer Brewing Process

As a process where practically everything flows, beer brewing opens up a wide range of application opportunities for FLUXUS – both in the brewery and in the cold process areas.
Brewing plant experts from a global brewery machines manufacturer use the versatile FLUXUS non-invasive ultrasonic flow and thermal energy meters to carry out systematic checks on installed components or to demonstrate the performance of inspection parameters.

In existing and growing breweries, FLEXIM's all-round portable measuring device has proven to be an indispensable tool in optimising both thermal energy and water consumption.
Typical applications are, for example, the measurement of thermal energy flow rates in mash containers with hot water heating or on vapour condensers and energy storage systems as well as the associated wort heaters. Measurement of the cooling capacity of wort coolers works just as easily. In this case, the mass flow of the cooling medium or the wort to be cooled is determined and measured via the temperature difference between the media intake and discharge of the thermal energy flow.

As the FLUXUS meters can also measure on very thin pipes, with having the thermodynamic parameters of common refrigerants (e.g. glycol) stored in its internal memory, thermal energy flows can also be monitored on the cooling surfaces of fermentation tanks.


  • Non-invasive flow and thermal measurement: easy set-up of measuring points in no time at all without interrupting the operation of the respective system
  • Hygienic and perfectly safe as there is no direct contact with the medium
  • Integrated totaliser of the measuring transmitter allows for it to be used as an energy meter
  • Maximum flexibility: the measuring system can be adjusted simply to suit the respective measuring task
  • One single measuring system for several measuring tasks

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