Flow measurement of compressed air

Flow measurement of compressed air

Due to the fact that the availability of plants and machinery within a production environment should - at best - never be interrupted, the ideal solution is by measuring from outside the pipe wall.

This is especially true when it comes to the measurement of compressed air. Conventional inline measuring technologies not only require a line shut down during installation, but also inherit the risk of being a potential leak in the line by themselve. FLEXIMs non-invasive ultrasonic flow meter for compressed air, the FLUXUS G704 CA, proves to be the measuring system of choice.

Most compressed air networks work at around 6 to 8 bar.  At this pressure level, reliable flow measurement with the FLUXUS G704 CA is ensured at all times - the system is even capable of measuring at only 3 bar pressurised steel pipes (at plastic pipes down to atmospheric pressure). By measuring the flow rate, the system determines the current consumption. The recorded values can be transferred via various Bus protocols directly to the SCADA system or even via a GMS module to a web-based portal.

By the use of the measurement data, it is possible to empirically determine indicators on the efficiency of compressed air production and use.


  • Reliable recording of generated and consumed compressed air quantities
  • No impairment of plant availability due to non-invasive measuring technology
  • Reliable recording of measured data and provision of figures for compressed air generation

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