Thermal Energy and Compressed Air Flow Measurements in Automotive Production

Thermal Energy and Compressed Air Flow Measurements in Automotive Production

Modern production of automobiles is a highly complex process which requires precise interaction between people, machines and material and all resources should be used as efficiently as possible.

The factory technology/supply engineering department at the Volkswagen Kassel plant is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of all systems. The plants measuring experts have four portable FLUXUS F601 Energy and G601 CA Energy ultrasonic flowmeters in their arsenal of instruments which are used for various measurement purposes throughout the plant. The range of applications extends from simple flow measurements and non-invasive determination of heat flows to systematic measuring campaigns in the compressed air network.

The advantages of the non-invasive measurement with FLUXUS are obvious:
Since the clamp-on ultrasonic transducers are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe, there is no need to open the pipe. The relevant measurement data can be gathered without having the slightest effect on normal plant operation. Users particularly appreciate the impressive functionality of ultrasonic systems: A simple flow measurement is set up in no time and the most demanding measuring tasks can be carried out reliably with FLUXUS.


  • Easy to set up temporary measuring points for the flow measurement of liquids and gases as well as the energy flows of liquid-based thermal consumers
  • Non-invasive clamp-on measuring technique: no pipe work, no interruption to operation, supply or production
  • Measurement data allows to reliably assess whether plants are functioning correctly - process optimisations as well as infrastructure planning are also based on this data

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