Flow Measurement of LNG

Flow Measurement of LNG

At LNG plants, terminals and storage facilities natural gas is handled in liquefied form at temperatures around -163 °C.

Such extreme conditions present special challenges for most common metering principles. FLEXIM’s patented WaveInjector technology provides a non-invasive solution for these applications and therefore overcomes typical problems associated with intrusive metering methods. The thermally separated ultrasonic transducers offer a reliable and proven way to measure LNG flows without causing any pressure drop.

Non-invasive flow measurement with ultrasound is an elegant alternative to classical invasive measurement techniques. As the clamp-on transducers are simply fixed on the outside of the pipe, no pipework and thus no process interruption is necessary for installation.


  • Reliable non-invasive flow measurement even under extreme conditions (-163 °C)
  • No extra costs due to special materials
  • Safe equipment due to the non-invasive technology
  • Maintenance free measurement

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