Non-invasive Flow Measurement at Extreme Temperatures

WaveInjector - Non-invasive Flow Metering at extreme temperatures from -190 °C up to 600 °C

Using patented technology, the WaveInjector thermally separates the ultrasonic transducers from the hot or cryogenic pipe, allowing permanent flow measurements at extreme pipe wall temperatures.

Overcoming the drawbacks of conventional Technologies:

Traditionally, Orifice / DP meters, Coriolis meters and Vortex meters are used to measure hot hydrocarbon, chemical media, cryogenic media or steam - especially in demanding environments. These well-known conventional flowmeter types have equally well-known shortcomings:

Intrusive flow measurement technologies require frequent servicing. As the sensors are in contact with either hot and often dirty hydrocarbons / chemical media, extremly cold LNG or steam, they show high failure rates - and especially pressure taps for orifice plates tend to clog. Such high-maintenance measuring technologies reduce plant availability and critically undermine the profitability.

Besides, intrusive sensors create pressure losses, thus reducing process efficiency and driving energy costs.

FLEXIM's non-invasive flow measurement technology, in combination with the patented WaveInjector, provides you with the competitive edge – in process control, process management, and environmental protection.

The WaveInjector, along with the ultrasonic transducers, is simply installed on to the outer surface of the pipe, using coupling plates for a proper acoustic contact. This means, that there is no need to open the pipe - no drilling, and no process shut-down is required.

Once installed, the transducers do not suffer from wear and tear of the process fluid, and they create no pressure drop. The FM, CSA and ATEX / IECEx-certified transducers and transmitters are a safeguard in potentially explosive atmospheres.

FLEXIM offers a wide range of ultrasonic transducers and transmitters to match any flow measurement application. The exceptionally high dynamic range of FLEXIM's ultrasonic technology outperforms most other flowmeter types, offering big advantages when you need to measure widely-varying flow rates accurately.

FLEXIM is the only producer of extreme temperature non-invasive clamp-on flowmeter technology worldwide.

The WaveInjector is used all over the world, by some of the biggest names in the process industries. The reason is clear: from cold LNG, over sticky crude oil and coal tar distillates to hot acids and even high-pressure steam, the WaveInjector remains accurate and reliable under the toughest conditions.

Non-invasive Flow Measurement at Extreme Temperatures  - The WaveInjector


Advantages using FLEXIM's patented WaveInjector

  • Trouble-free operation at extreme temperatures (from -190 °C up to 600°C)
  • No clogging, even with dirty or fouling fluids
  • No pressure loss
  • Installation and maintainance without process interruption
  • No risk of leaks
  • No pressure ports
  • Fits all standard pipe sizes >DN 40 upwards
  • Hazardous Area Certification
  • Accurate and repeatable, even at low flows
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Independent of fluid or pressure
  • Inherently bi-directional

Additional Benefits

  • Increased operator and plant safety
  • Improved plant efficiency
  • Increased environmental compliance
  • Easier plant start-ups and upgrades
  • Increased profits due to tighter process control
  • Increased application flexibility
  • Decreased start-up, operating and maintenance costs
  • Decreased inventory costs for flowmeters and spare parts

360° view


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Non-Intrusive Flow Measurement in Refineries up to 400°C / 750°F and beyond



Technical Specification

WaveInjector WI-400 - Supplement to operating instruction

Technical Supplement
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