Wellhead Gas Flow Measurement

Wellhead Gas Flow Measurement

Typical wellhead gathering lines carry natural gas with strongly varying conditions - ranging from a dry to a wet product, containing water, H2S, CO2, liquid hydrocarbons as well as particles over wide flow and pressure ranges.

Traditionally, orifice plates in conjunction with differential pressure meters are installed at such measuring points for flow rate monitoring. However, these technologies inherit several drawbacks, such as:

  • Considerable wear and tear to the orifices plates which causes drift to the measured values
  • Clogging of the DP impulse lines
  • Pressure losses and thus higher energy costs
  • Low turndown ratio and restricted dynamic ranges

FLEXIM offers the superior alternative with its clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter technology. The clamp-on transducers are simply mounted in the outside of the pipe wall, thus there are no wetted parts which could be prone to abrasion. Moreover, the system is virtually maintenance free due to permanent pipe wall coupling and rugged mounting fixtures. 

The FLUXUS G gas flow meters proved their better accuracy and reliability in the field at major operators at wellhead lines with elevated levels of gas wetness and dirt contamination over a wide turndown ratio independent of pressurization levels.


  • Non-intrusive clamp-on flow meter technology - no wetted parts, no wear and tear
  • Accurate and reliable measurement even at wet or contaminated gas
  • Wide turndown ratio and independent of pressurization levels
  • Virtually no maintenance required

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