Absolutely Hygienic Flow Measurements in a Pharmaceutical Plant

Absolutely Hygienic Flow Measurements in a Pharmaceutical Plant

Cleanliness is a top priority in the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, measurement experts value FLEXIM's clamp-on ultrasonic flow metering technology as the ideal method in terms of absolute hygiene.
They also consider it the best method as the non-invasive technology doesn't require any pipe work nor any contact to the medium flowing inside the pipe. Since the ultrasonic transducers are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe, there is absolutely no risk of contamination of the flowing medium. When it comes to setting up a (temporary) flow measuring point in pharmaceutical production, there is practically no alternative to clamp-on ultrasonic technology.

At the german site of a global manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, the department in charge of supplying the production departments with the necessary raw materials relies on FLEXIM's measuring systems:

Permantent flow meters non-invasively monitor the feed water flow rate before entering the steam generators. Portable flow meters are routinely used to monitor the flow velocity in the various high-purity water systems. In order to avoid any potential formation of germs, a turbulent flow must be maintained. This is regularly checked using FLEXIM's portable measuring systems at many predefined measuring points in the network.


  • Effective quality assurance due to reliable, non-invasive monitoring of flow conditions in a high-purity water network
  • Plant availability is not compromised in any way
  • Absolute hygiene due to non-invasive measurement method: no risk of medium contamination
  • Maximum flexibility and versatility with the portable flow measuring system, covering practically all potential flow measuring points in operation
  • Temporary measuring points can be set up in next to no time and easily adapted to the measuring task at hand

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