Concentration Measurement of Ketogulonic and Ascorbic Acid

Concentration Measurement of Ketogulonic and Ascorbic Acid

Ketogulonic acid, which is produced from beet sugar by means of a biotechnological process can be used as a raw material for the production of ascorbic acid.

The synthesis process begins with an initial concentration of 5% to15% of ketogulonic acid. During the fermentation process, the concentration of ascorbic acid rises to about 28%, while the concentration of ketogulonic acid decreases correspondingly.
At a pharmaceutical plant in Germany, until recently, an exact control of this complex chemical process was not really possible due to the fact that both acid concentrations were measured via random sampling and time-consuming lab testing. FLEXIM now provides a much more cost effective measuring solution by implementing its range of PIOX process analysers:
PIOX R, the Process Refractometer and PIOX S, the non-invasive ultrasonic Process Analyser.

By combining both measuring systems, the plant operator can now simultanously monitor the exact concentration levels of both acids - ketogulonic and ascorbic acid - in real time. A cost-effective process management is now possible, and a uniform product quality is assured.


  • Continuous process control of two acid strengts simultanously
  • Instant process control and regulation possible
  • Cost-effective process management
  • Constant product quality is assured

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