Company Magazine Update 17: Fit for the future


2017 has been an exciting year for FLEXIM. We have succssfully launched new product series and branches opened in India and Australia. Most importantly, we moved into our new company headquarters. The move is done. However, our sleeves are still rolled up. We still have lots to do.

After a quarter of a century of unbridled expansion, FLEXIM had reached its growth limits at its old location. Now, our new headquarters offers generous and well-equipped workstations and offers plenty of space for further innovation and progress.

As always, our company magazine Update offers a look behind the scenes and helps our customers to get to know some of us “FLEXIMers”. In additon, it also covers measuring technology: The application report gives an account of our FLUXUS G non-invasive gas flowmeter in use on-site: Currenta uses FLUXUS G for the flow measurement of gaseous ammonia in the central cooling plant of its Dormagen site.

The application range of clamp-on ultrasonic technology is not limited to flow measurement, it can also be used for non-invasive determination of concentration and density. The tables on the Update’s poster page show the possibilities to apply sound speed measurement for process analytical purposes. The prevailing rule here is also: FLEXIM doesn’t measure just liquids, but also gases.

Enjoy reading!

Company Magazine Update 17: Fit for the future