Enhanced network monitoring with FLUXUS WD


Simultaneous non-invasive measurement of volume flow, flow velocity and temperature

Due to their outstanding low flow accuracy (down to 0.01 m/s) and minimal installation costs FLEXIM clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters have become a standard solution for monitoring drinking water networks. The drift-free and maintenance-free flow meters offer excellent measurement repeatability and are therefore ideal for monitoring district metered areas (DMAs) and detecting leaks.

The technology leader FLEXIM is now the first to offer an innovative application of the ultrasonic technology: Highly precise temperature measurement. The same ultrasonic transducers which are clamped onto the outside of the pipe to measure the transit time difference of ultrasonic signals with and against the flow direction simultaneously measure the sonic velocity in the medium. Sound speed is a characteristic property of a substance and depends on temperature. In the for water suppliers relevant temperature range from 0 °C bis 30 °C, the acoustical measurement achieves an accuracy of ± 0.2 K.

Especially in parts of the network where flow velocities are low, leading to longer residence times, higher water temperatures represent a hygiene risk. With the ultrasonic measuring system FLUXUS WD, which has been specifically designed for the demands of the water industry, water suppliers can now monitor volume flow, velocity, and temperature with one device. The extremely robust transducers with protection degree IP68 are suitable for buried installations and need no shaft construction.