Improved wet gas measurement


New feature allows for automatic LVF compensation

Wet gas applications are still a challenge for all flow measurement technologies, both in terms of reliability and accuracy. However, FLEXIM’s clamp-on gas flow meter series FLUXUS G has been proving itself the superior solution since it measures from the outside of the pipe and offers an extremely high turndown ratio. Any presence of a Liquid Volume Fraction (LVF) will introduce an error into the measurement. Using FLEXIM’s new wet gas compensation feature, those typical overreadings are a thing of the past.

The new feature uses process data to compensate for deviations caused by a stable LVF of up to 5%, correspondending to the Lockhart-Martinelli parameter XLM=0.3. It is now available with the standard configuration of all FLEXIM’s stationary gas flow meters, FLUXUS G721. Older instruments can easily be enabled by a simple firmware update.