Non-Invasive Standard Volume Flow Measurement and API Determination of Hydrocarbons

Our new FLUXUS H721 has been designed especially for the needs of the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). It combines highly precise non-invasive measurement of volume flow and sound speed with sophisticated calculation features. The transmitter’s internal HPI computer calculates API gravity, operational density, density at base conditions and kinematic viscosity. Temperature and pressure compensation according to industry standards such as ASTM1250, GPA TP25 and D4311 allows for precise standard volume flow measurement of liquid hydrocarbons.

FLUXUS H721 is equipped with a database for a wide range of applications from light hydrocarbons to crude oils/refined products to heavy hydrocarbons. Application-specific parameterisation is easily possible via an editable table on the transmitter with liquid names and specific properties (density, API).

Typical applications of FLUXUS H721 are e.g. monitoring of pipeline integrity, product identification in tank farms, quality check measurements and verification or temporary replacement of stationary measuring devices.