New radiation hardened transducers


Non-invasive flow measurement under radioactive areas

Efficient production and 100% reliable supply are essential when generating power. Non-intrusive flow measurement with FLEXIM's clamp-on ultrasonic systems FLUXUS has proven to be the ideal measurement solution for numerous power plant applications – from large hydroelectric power lines to fuel gas measurements in gas power plants to feedwater measurements at extreme temperatures. Even the non-intrusive flow measurement of molten salts in concentrating solar power plants (CSP) is possible with FLUXUS. With a new series of radiation hardened (RD) ultrasonic sensors, FLEXIM is now the first supplier to offer clamp-on flow measurement technology specifically for use in the nuclear sector.

The RD transducers and their cables are made of radiation-resistant material and withstand exposure to ionizing radiation of up to 500,000 Gray. They are available in three sizes covering a nominal diameter range from DN10 to DN1000. Because they are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe, their installation does not affect the system availability and they are not exposed to wear from the medium flowing in the pipe reducing the risk of leakage. This makes them particularly suitable for use in applications where it is essential to avoid opening the pipeline and where absolute safety and reliability is a must, which is especially the case in the nuclear industry. Due to their simple installation, numerous FLUXUS ultrasonic flowmeters are already proving their worth in nuclear installations worldwide.

radiation hardened transducers