The Offshore Flow Meter for liquids

The ultrasonic flow meter for Offshore and Mining applications

The FLUXUS F801 flow meter for liquids is FLEXIM's solution for explosion hazard environments Offshore (being ATEX (IECEx) approved for usage in zones 1 and 2).
With a flameproof field-enclosure made entirely of stainless steel, the flow meter is permanently sea spray and seawater proof and can easily be operated by a magnet pen without having to open the housing.

The FLUXUS F801 flow meter allows for an inherently bi-directional flow measurement of volume and mass flow rates of nearly any liquid media - ranging from crude oil to refined products - and can be equipped with various outputs to be used for a sophisticated process control. As the ultrasonic transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe wall, enclosed in the rugged stainless steel VARIOFIX C mounting fixture, the system does not suffer from wear, tear or clogging and can't be a risk for leaks.

Due to it's matched and paired transducers as well as the internal temperature compensation (compliant to ANSI/ASME regulations), the measurement system is drift free and zero stable. Moreover, as the transducers calibration data is automatically loaded by connecting the transducer to the transmitter, set-up times are significantly reduced. As of its exceptional dual-uP technology, the high number of measuring cycles per second and the adaptive signal processing, the FLUXUSF801 flow meter produces stable and reliable measuring results even under the most difficult conditions.

The F801 flow meter can be applied at inner pipe diameters ranging from 10 mm up to 6500 mm (no limitations on pipe wall thickness or material) and media temperatures from -170 °C up to +600 °C (by usage of the high temperature mounting fixture WaveInjector).

With up to two measurement channels, the FLUXUS F801 flow meter can also be applied to difficult measurement points with non-ideal flow profiles. Even liquid streams with a high content of solids or gas bubbles are not a problem due to the innovative HybridTrek mode implemented into the flow computer

The Offshore Flow Meter for liquids - FLUXUS F801



  • Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter with two measurement channels and ATEX Zone 1 approval 
  • Rugged seawater resistant SS316 Stainless Steel flameproof housing
  • Installation and parameterization without having to open the housing
  • Installation without process shut-down
  • Very cost efficient measurement system - virtually no maintenance needed
  • Stable, accurate and reliable measurement readings due to matched and temperature compensated transducers as well as innovative digital signal processing
  • Independent of entrained particles or gas bubbles
  • Flexible configurable outputs
  • Measurement at any pipe material, size, wall thickness and at temperatures from -170°C up to 400°C and beyond (with WaveInjector mounting fixture)
  • Independent of pressurization inside the pipe

Technical Facts

Measurement uncertainty
(volumetric flow rate)
±1 % of reading ±0.005 m/s
0.15 % of reading ±0.005 m/s
Flow velocity range
0.01...25 m/s
Ex zone transmitter
Power supply
100-230VAC, 24DC
Available transducer
Shear Wave
for Ex zones
for pipe sizes range
10mm ... 6500mm
for temperature range
-40°C ... +240°C / WI: -200°C ... +600°C
4-20mA active/passive
4-20mA HART active/passive
4-20mA passive intrinsic safety
Digital communication
Modbus RTU
Additional Information
For more detailed Information please download the Technical Specifications

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FLUXUS F800 / F801 (ADM 8x27)

Technical Specification

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