Portable Clamp-On Steam Measurement

The World‘s Only Clamp-On Steam Meter: FLUXUS ST

With FLUXUS ST, clamp-on steam measurement is now available for the very first time – as FLEXIM continues to push the boundaries and to set the standards.

Non-invasive and efficient

FLUXUS ST measures steam flow non-invasively from the outside of the pipe. Non-invasive steam flow measurement means measuring without any interruption of operation and supply. Since clamp-on ultra-sonic transducers are simply mounted on the outside of the pipe, it requires just minimal installation effort and no opening of the pipeline.

The acoustic measuring method proves to be impressive with its exceptionally high measuring dynamics, is highly sensitive even at very low flow velocities and functions independently of the flow direction. Due to this large flow range (flow velocities from 0.01 m/s up to 60 m/s), there is no need to reduce pipe diameter to fit an inline meter’s requirement of minimum flow velocity. Moreover, the non-invasive measurement does not cause any pressure loss. The transducer mountings can be completely insulated to reduce any heat loss to the environment.

With FLUXUS ST, for the first time ever, it is possible to capture all steam usage from very low to very high flow rates with one meter size.

Completely maintenance-free

Non-invasive steam flow measurement also means measuring without direct contact with the medium flowing in the pipe. FLUXUS ST has no moving parts. Therefore, FLUXUS ST is not subjected to wear and tear and does not require any maintenance.

FLUXUS ST measures volume and mass flow of saturated and super­heated steam at temperatures up to 180 °C. The clamp-on ultrasound system is available as both a portable and a stationary meter.

High-End Multifunctional Measuring Tool

The FLUXUS G601 ST is the new state-of-the-art portable Flow- and Energy meter for all Flow- and Energy applications found within the industry.

In addition to non-invasive steam measurement, the FLUXUS G601 ST is also the meter of choice for measuring liquid flow, gas and compressed air flow, as well as energy flow in heating or cooling applications. All combined within one transmitter.

This makes the FLUXUS G601 ST the perfect tool for Energy Management and Maintenance, since only one measuring system is needed to handle all flow applications.

100% process availability is guaranteed when using a FLEXIM solution – the installation of a FLUXUS G601 ST can be done within 2 hours onto the hot pipe.



  • Reliable and non-invasive steam measurement
  • Multi-functional – Measuring of liquids, gas, compressed air and thermal energy flows.
  • The ideal measuring device for complete energy efficiency tasks (e.g. according to ISO 50001)
  • Non-invasive measurement for precise bidirectional, highly dynamic compressed air, gas, liquid and thermal energy flow rates
  • Portable, easy-to-use flow transmitter with 2 flow channels, multiple inputs/outputs and an integrated data logger with a serial interface 
  • Automatic loading of calibration data and transducer detection reducing set-up times and providing precise, long-term stable results
  • Li-Ion battery providing up to 25 hours of autonomous measurement operation
  • Proven clamp-on technology, transducers resistant to dust and humidity
  • Probe for wall thickness measurement available

Technical Facts

Flow channels
saturated steam, superheated steam, liquids and gases, see technical specification for details
Process temperature
max. 180°C
Process pressure
min. 3 bar abs.
Pipe diameter range
45 mm … 400 mm
Flow velocity range
0,01m/s…60m/s (depending an pipe size and transducer)
Measurement range
±1% ... 3% of reading, ±0,01 m/s, depending on application
±0,15% of reading, ±0,01 m/s
Communication Protocol
Modbus RTU optional
Additional Information
please have your specific application always tested for feasibility





Technical Specification
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